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Do it yourself Astronomy Flashlight


If you are on a tight budget or like to be resourceful, you can make your own astronomy flashlight with inexpensive materials. Red transparent tape used to repair damaged tail lights on automobiles can be purchased at many auto part stores for about $3 dollars. Using a regular flashlight, cover the flashlight lens with the red transparent tape. The red transparent tape acts as a lens filter creating a similar effect as a purchased astronomy flashlight. This can be a fun inexpensive way to owning your own astronomy flashlight.


DIY Projects

Sun Funnel


Here's a PDF detailing a fun project that allows for safe solar viewing.  Remember, NEVER look at the Sun directly!  Only use properly outfitted equipment that's safe for solar viewing.

Star Wheel


Here's a PDF that will put the entire sky in your hands.  It's the best way to get started with star gazing and an invaluable tool for astronomers;

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